5 steps when replacing your doors with paintmykitchen.ca

Paintmykitchen.ca is a home renovation company that offers kitchen, bathroom, and door upgrades to homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area. We can help you select and install a new door, depending on the style and size of your property. We also paint your door to match your existing decor or provide a new look.

Nhance cabinets refinishing

Let us see together some steps when getting door replacement:

1.Choose the new door: First things first, you need to choose the new door that fits your style and needs. Consider the size, material, design, and color of the door.

2.Remove the old door: The next step is to remove the old door. You should carefully remove the door and any hardware attached to it.


3.Prepare the door frame: Before installing the new door, you need to prepare the door frame. Check for any damage or rot and make necessary repairs.

4.Install the new door: Once the frame is ready, install the new door. Make sure it is properly aligned and level.

5.Add hardware and finishing touches: Finally, add any necessary hardware and finishing touches to the door, such as doorknobs, locks, and weather-stripping.

Feel free to contact us today so we take care of your door or either any remodeling for your kitchen,cabinets refinishing and so on.


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